The Papergang: April

The Papergang: April

Getting a stationery subscription was one of the best things I did in 2016 (bit sad but the truth) and I can’t believe it will almost be a whole year since I started spending £11.90 on a box of stationery every month to add to my ever expanding collection.

I use a lot of stationery so I feel pretty justified having this little luxury every month, even though I treat myself all the damn time. This box was a collaboration with Arden Rose, everything is absolutely gorgeous and what makes them even more appealing is the fact I would never have picked them up for myself.

Orange isn’t a colour I would usually go for but this box is full of the freshest and prettiest pieces. I think the planner is my favourite and I really hope I actually get around to using it. It is such a dinky size, perfect for keeping in your bag and have I mentioned it looks freaking gorgeous?

No snaps of the stickers as I have already used the majority of them in a scrapbook my friends and I made for another friend and in my bullet journal. The designs were super cute and very similar to the birthday card pictured.


June Calendar Card

x1 A5 List Pad

x1 Planner

x2 Greeting Cards

x1 Pencil

x1 Stickers

I think after next month’s Papergang I’m going to cancel it for a little while as I’m spending summer in the states so I don’t think it is really necessary for me to keep having a beautiful box of stationery delivered to my door every month, no matter how beautiful it is!

As I’ve amassed quite a lot of stationery since starting this subscription, I’m considering trying out a different subscription box. Birchbox looks as intriguing as ever but the one I have my eye on the most is the Honey Pop Club by Scottish blogger Honey Pop Kisses.

Does anyone have any other subscription boxes I can check out? Which is your favourite?

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