the papergang: december + january.

HEY GUYS HOW’S IT GOING! Hope you are well and life is treating you all dandy. I’m writing this on one super bleak Wednesday afternoon of the first week back at uni. I have just told Tori that I’m so glad I have only got a four day week this week as I couldn’t cope with a five day one. I am a provider of riveting conversation, I know.

But seriously, the weather is bleak. It is cold and wet and raining and fuck me, the wind is going crazy. So I’m wearing a very attractive ensemble of check pyjama bottoms, striped slipper boots and a big old fluffy blue almost-roll neck jumper. Comfort over style every time my friends.

The Papergang was one of my favourite things about 2016 and I’m so glad I decided to join the stationary bandwagon in July. I think that’s when I finally caved anyway. It’s been a really good way of ensuring I have stationary supplies for uni and other things and means I don’t go into Paperchase every time I’m in town and accidentally spend next month’s rent on “awww cute notebook” and “motivational postcard, must buy immediately”. Justified yeh?

I had a lot of bother getting my December box as I stupidly didn’t change my address when I went home for Christmas so it got held at the sorting office until the 7th January when they tried to redeliver but I still wasn’t back in Glasgow so I finally managed to drag my butt along and pick it up the following Monday.

And is this my fave? Quite possibly.

December Box Contents 

Cut Out Concertina Houses
A5 Notebook
A5 Notepad
A4(ish) Notebook
January Calendar Card
“Biscat” Greeting Card
Polar Bear Greeting Card

This box was pretty big. I’m super excited to get into the notebooks once I finally fill up the dregs of last semester’s ones, I’ll be using them for uni and the little Concertina houses look super cute up on our windowsill in the living room. It fits in with our pink theme very much so.

January Box Contents 

A4 Hardback Notebook
Woodland Themed Giftwrap
Blue and Gold Washi Tape
“Why Must You Make Everything So Complicated” Greeting Card
Racoon and Squirrel Greeting Card

I’m really excited about the notebook as it’ll be perfect for revision come exam time at the end of April/May. There was a similar notebook in an older box which I started using recently and it was such good quality. The wrapping paper will also be very useful for my dad’s birthday!

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