the papergang: june.

A day after my box of Papergang goodness for the bees arrived, the next addition, the June box arrived on my doorstep. I wasn’t expecting it so it was super exciting and I assumed the dispatch email I had received was for my late May box. It made my Thursday afternoon very riveting, let me tell you.

Whilst this box isn’t my favourite one ever, it is another special one. Similar to last month, this box has a charity bonus as well. For every four box sold one tree will be planted by the international development charity Tree Aid due to their partnership with Ohh Deer on this box.

Trees are important people and stationery could maybe be seen as a “waste of paper” by some people but with stationery companies doing things like this, it feeds back into itself! This charity has helped more than half a million people across Africa plant more than ten million trees – which is bloody amazing! Tree Aid grows vital food for communities, helps people to earn incomes and improves the environment so there are no downsides!


x1 A5 Linen Notebook

x1 Brass Ruler

x1 Greeting Card

August Calendar Card

This box is lovely however, just not my personal favourite or to my taste. I do however love the brass ruler. I have come across loads of old plastic rulers from my school days whilst tidying out and packing up my room but this is a ruler I will be keeping. It screams Pinterest and I imagine it will be in several blog flat lays from now on. The greeting card is super cute as well, I love the gold writing as it really makes the message pop.

Unfortunately this is going to be my last Papergang box for a while. As much as I love this subscription (honestly, I think it’s great!), I think I need a little break from spending money on stationery every month for a while and save up some money this summer. I’ll probably resubscribe at some point next semester when I run out of stationery again but for now, this is it. Now I’m going to think of another blog post to add my rooster as this has been a monthly addition for some while …