The Papergang: March

The Papergang: March

I think the prize for sounding like a broken record the most in their life, goes to me. But seriously, this box has to be my fave. I know I say that about all of them but this one is so pretty. I love the pastel colours, pastels are really big this year and these notebooks and other bits and bobs are so atheistically pleasing.

As exams are ticking on, I’m pretty sure these notebooks will definitely see the light of day in the not too far of future. I hate revision with a passion but using beautiful stationary does make it a little bit easier.

My box this month arrived on Monday and as it was the sunniest day in Glasgow, I didn’t get home until half 5 to have a quick turn around before work. I spent the morning in the library doing some revision, I then had to go to the doctors to get a medical form filled in and then met Tori and Ali to grab a picnic from Tesco and spent the rest of the afternoon loitering in Kelvingrove Park. Literally, the place was packed. Although some people did seem to be taking the sunshine a bit far and were decked out in full beach attire. Like chill, it’s only March.

But yes, this ensured I didn’t get home until half 5 and hastily ripped my box open but then rushed off to work. So it was until I came home later when I finally got to cherish it. Why so pretty.


April Calendar Card

May Calendar Card

x1 Hardback Notepad

x2 A5 Notebooks

x1 Sticky Notes

x1 Pencil

x1 “Thank You” Card

This is a pretty chunky box. I love it when they have lots of things in them as it makes me feel as if I’m getting lots and lots for my money. Personal faves from this box are definitely the hardback notepad, it is super cute and should come in really useful for a girl who likes to write down little reminders for everything. My bedroom floor can expect a covering of these in the weeks to come as I write and discard.

I was also recently just thinking about how I might need to buy new notebooks which I haven’t done since August last year as the Papergang has been sufficient at keeping me topped up. Thankfully now I don’t as they’ve sent two lovely ones which I’m sure will be full of scribbled notes on Tacitus, sexuality throughout history and the marketing concept in the next few weeks.

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