the papergang: may.

I had the trickiest time getting my mitts on my this Papergang box (which I wanted oh-so-badly) due to me being a numpty and forgetting to change my address from Glasgow to home. So if you happen to move into my old flat in Glasgow between now and September, congrats, you’ve got the May Papergang box on me waiting behind your door!

A few emails with Ohh Deer’s lovely team later, I was assured I would get my box and voila, I did. There was quite a lot of press about this box before it was released as it was produced in collaboration with Bumblebee Conservation Trust, with £1 from each box going to the charity.

Yay for the bees! I was very excited about this box arriving as no one can deny that the humble bumblebee does make the most beautiful pattern or print, wherever it is found! I happily was not disappointed when this little box of happiness arrived at my feet.


x1 A5 Felt Notebook

x1 Pencil

x3 Postcards

July Calendar Card

It is such a chipper little box, the postcards are both super cute and informative, providing a little witty info on the side. I really like the felt notebook, it is so different and unusual to other notebooks and I think it is going to be my next bullet journal. Or maybe just a words journal as the button on the front makes it feel very secretive, an ode to old school diaries.

As this box was in support of the bees, it got me thinking about them. Just over the river from the Scottish Borders lies the Chain Bridge Honey Farm. Their products are sold all over the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland and I can confirm their honey is top notch. I had some time to kill so decided to make a little visit one morning to learn more about the bees.

I stopped for a scone and coffee at their cafe which is in an old bus which feels extra cool. managed to snag a seat on the top deck and read a little bit more of my book. Fun fact unrelated to the bees: they also have a red vintage bus available for hire which my friends and I went to prom in. It was strange seeing it parked up in a field compared to the last time I saw it, dressed to the nines before my (almost) final high school event.

You can buy lots of honey related gifts in the gift shop: honey (of course), honeycomb, candles, hand creams and lip balms. I picked up a lip balm in the flavour Heather Honey which is such a lovely smooth formula and applies very easily.

They have a really interesting visitor centre which is packed to the brim with information about bees, bees around the world, honey and what you can do with the honey. There is also a viewing platform so you can see the bees in action.

It was so nice to just buy this box of stationery and be able to support something. A lot of subscription boxes seem to be doing this and it just makes it feel a little more special if you are giving something back.