The Silver Linings Playbook // Review

The Silver Linings Playbook // Review

It’s been quite a while since I’ve picked up a book that has completely sucked me in and I’ve proceeded on finishing in 2 days. I was completely unsure of this book as it not one which I have desired to read for a while and I picked it up on a whim in a charity shop for 25p (Bargain btw, charity shops have thee best prices)! I’d heard of the film as it has one of my all-time favourite actresses in it; Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss ftw) so I was slightly intrigued (along with the price of it).

The Silver Linings Playbook was written by Matthew Quick and not knowing exactly what to expect I started reading it that night and just couldn’t stop. I was sucked right in from the start to Pat’s story and I just needed to know what Nikki had done and how Pat was in this situation. Throughout the book I hated on Nikki, I just hated her and I wanted nothing more than Pat to just forget about her. One of the themes of the novel is mental health and it is portrayed really well. Again I have no advanced knowledge of mental health but the author really demonstrates how it can control someone’s life. Pat had no sense of time or memory of what had actually happened between himself and Nikki and he is unable to hear criticism about her. His parents displayed how people can react in different ways to someone suffering from mental health. Pat’s mother cushions him (by hiding all evidence of Nikki) and his father ignores him.

Tiffany is just so cool. She is obviously also suffering from mental health problems but you still really respect her and want to know more about her. She is a complete mystery who is treated very carefully by her sister and Tiffany’s obsession with Pat is disturbing at first. However as the novel continues, you begin to root for Tiffany and Pat, despite Pat’s continuing love for Nikki. Even when you find out Tiffany was behind the letters, you still hate Nikki and not her.

I don’t know how to exactly describe or pinpoint this book. I don’t know exactly why I like it but whilst reading it, I felt I was on an emotional rollercoaster. At one point I was smiling, the next page I was crying and then back to smiles again. If you are looking for a good book to really take up your time for a couple of days, this is your girl as you just can’t put it down.

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Original Post Date: August 2015