things i’m grateful for.

Since coming back to Glasgow in September after three and half lovely weeks exploring both Italy and Bath/Bristol, it has been non-stop, which to an extent I love. I love being busy and having plans and working towards my goals but boy, it does get overwhelming.

I knew fourth year would be difficult, of course I did, and now I’ve gotten myself an internship which I’m excited for but of course, it is another plate to spin. Life feels very busy at the moment. Chaotic, even. And overwhelming stressful.

I just want to bury my head into the sand and arise around the 14thDecember where I can put on a nice dress, drink something and party with my friends at Daft Friday. But amongst all the craziness, life is good and all it takes is a moment to reflect on all what I’m grateful for.

my cosy room.

My room in our little west end flat is definitely my happy space at the moment. I love coming home after a day at university and pottering about here at the weekends. I’ve got plenty of plants adorning my window sills and I can’t wait to get more including some bigger ones. It is important to me that I am comfortable here as I spend so much time here and I love having autumnal candles flickering against the glow of my fairy lights and neon cactus lamp.

clothes: old + new.

I am really making an effort this year not to buy new clothes at the drop of a hat because I hate everything in my wardrobe. This is partly because I am skint and want to save up for other things like Christmas parties and 2019 travel plans and also because I want to be more slow-fashion focused and wear as much of my existing wardrobe as possible. I have really been enjoying finding old clothes and wearing them – current favourites include a charcoal chunky knit cardigan from Mango and my baby pink Doc Martens.

However, I have made one exception. I bought a new cream chunky knit cardigan for the colder months. It is from New Look and I had seen it on a few people on Instagram so when a 25% off code made it less than £20, I snapped it up. I have so many cute t-shirts I wanted to wear to the library and the pub with high-waisted skirts and dungarees but it was too cold so this fills the gap in my wardrobe and means I get a lot more wear out of a portion of my clothes.

my friends.

I have a lovely bunch of great friends. I feel quite nostalgic about things at the moment as everything feels like it is coming to an end: from it being a last presentation in one class and last group project in another, our time collectively in Glasgow at university is coming to an end.

I’ve made it my mission to say yes to as many plans as possible as that is what life is all about really. From my lovely group of Classics girls and blogging friends and my best friends, I just love seeing everyone and having a laugh.

a cup of loose leaf tea.

When life is hectic, which it is at the moment, it really is the little things which make it so lovely. Adagio kindly sent me some of their loose leaf teas to try alongside one of their cup and infusers which makes loose leaf much less of faff than usual.

My current favourites are the earl grey bravo and peppermint but I am so excited to start brewing some of Christmas teas in the next couple of weeks. I love just taking a moment with a hot cup of freshly brewed tea and staring out my window, especially in the morning when the street is just starting to wake up.

finding new TV shows to watch.

Autumn always bring a new wave of TV shows to our screens and after re-watching programmes like Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Reign in the summer, I was definitely in need of something fresh. One of my most favourite TV shows is now A Discovery of Witches, based on the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness which I also adore, and I even got myself a free 14 day trial for NowTV in order to binge watch all 8 episodes.

I have also started watching Bones on Amazon Prime which I love as I really enjoyed the books and it is easy to watch whilst on an evening. Other favourites I’m watching weekly are Criminal Minds which is on its fourteenth season and Riverdale season 3 which I like to moan about on a weekly basis.

making the most of weekends.

I really love the weekend. Thanks to university and my internship during the week, I am really trying to make the most of my weekend by making plans, running errands and simply enjoying myself. The last few have been busy: a couple of trips home, a visit to Edinburgh to see Hayley with before noon tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse and a Blog & Beyond x Easy As VAT workshop. I am really looking forward to some proper time off from university (aside from dissertation work) over Christmas but at the minute I am making the most of weekends.


My skin is doing okay at the moment but it is definitely on the dull-side and I have zero natural glow. I am desperate to use up my stocks before I start purchasing more and I have definitely found a few favourites in the autumn months. Once I’ve used up my Tea Tree & Witch Hazel cleanser I am going to start using my Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser and I am pretty much obsessed with the Superdrug skincare range. I love the two moisturisers I am using at the moment and will definitely be purchasing more once I’ve used up my current stocks.

exploring new places in the west end.

With my lovely group of Classics girls we have taken to going out for a coffee or lunch on a Friday after our seminar which is always nice and we have visited a few different establishments in the west end whilst doing so.

I am planning on writing a blog post in the future on my favourite coffee shops in the west end but I love Eusebi Deli for coffee, Offshore for cosiness, Chaiwallah for their adorable roof terrace and delicious soup, and Urban West for their £4 bagel and can of juice meal deal which is incredible considering a bagel is priced £5 alone. Next up on my list is Papercup, The Left Bank and The V&V Café.

all the little things.

Chutney. Cheese. Cheese & chutney sandwiches. Candles. Plants. Pinterest. Having a pint in the pub with my friends. Watching cheesy Christmas films on Netflix. Cheese & chutney sandwiches again.

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