three good things.

It has been a wee while since I’ve written a post like this – something really trivial and whimsical and real proper diary entry consisting purely of things I like. A proper selfish blog post. I was doing a scroll of my Bloglovin feed the other day as I hadn’t caught up with my favourite blogs in a while and reading this style of post made me want to create my own again! I mean I once wrote one of these every single week ..

It is so important to slow down and take note of the good things in life, even if they’re tiny. I am the worst for getting run down by self-perceived problems that are making things harder so just taking stock, chilling out for a minute and reflecting does the world of good to my continuously stressed out head. 

brunch – and good food in all forms.

I don’t know what it is at the moment but going out for food seems to be all I do when I’m not at work or in uni. After graduating from my university degree in July, I’ve really felt a massive shift in how often I see my friends who I used to see every day as post-university life drags us in different directions. So what better way to catch up after a couple of weeks than over something delicious? 

My friends and I have been making a real effort to explore new places in the west end when grabbing lunch or coffee and I’ve also been heading over to the south side a lot in the last six months as we all know that is where the elite brunch spots reside. 

From Cafe Strange Brew and Gusto & Relish to Kothel and Wilson St Pantry, I’ve been eating all over the place and food is definitely one of my priorities when it comes to spending my money. I tend to share where and what I’m eating on my Instagram if you want to see the plates of Glasgow through my eyes. 


Another monumental shift in my life aside from not seeing my pals all the time is my newfound thrifting addiction. I’m not 100% sure what happened but after coming home from the US in August I threw myself into thrifting. This coincided with me properly joining Two Birds and changing my whole relationship with exercise and myself. I’ve never felt more confident when it comes to shopping and wearing my clothes which is a nice change from the persistent self-hatred. 

It started with always going into Shelter on Great Western Road but has ballooned into shopping in the charity shops of Paisley when I’m there for uni, doing a sweep down Byres Road, making special visits to the south side just to thrift and popping into Barnardo’s when I’m in Sainsbury’s just for milk. 

I’ve also developed a Depop addiction and I am always showing my friends what I’ve found for under a tenner – and hunting out those elusive items with postage included. I want to keep shopping secondhand as much as possible in 2020 and I’ve started documenting my thrifted finds on Instagram with #thriftynotes. If you are in the market for Depop bargains I’ve also started doing a round-up of items every Sunday evening. You can find me on Instagram @kirsty_monday

plants + interiors.

It is so nice spreading my plants out around the flat (we’re @weewestendflat on Instagram btw) instead of all being crushed into my bedroom. I’ve only had one casualty recently – a spider plant who never really thrived to be honest – and have added quite a few new plant friends to the family, including a string of pearls. 

I’m always on the hunt for more but need to remember that I need somewhere to put them before purchasing – I’ve resulted in a couple of clusters in random places whilst they wait patiently for a home to come about. 

I am also loving being able to flex my creative fingers when it comes to interiors and I’m documenting this on Instagram at Wee West End Flat. The living room is really coming together – just need a coffee table and eventually some new sofas – and my bedroom is slowly getting there. I need to finish my damn wall and measure up for my whicker bookcase and find the perfect mirror and finally buy a rug that fits but I think I’ll get there in the first few months of 2020.

Then I can move onto bigger things, namely the bathroom …

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