3 ways to achieve positivity this october.

I had my tarot cards read at the end of September, and well, it was very enlightening. Tarot is something I’ve slowly become more interested in over the past eight months, with my first reading being in June.

I found the whole prospect very unsettling at first, is all just woo woo or is there really something there? You can come to your own conclusions about that but for me, it is all about tapping into your subconscious and realising things you subconsciously already knew. After reading Rhianna Olivia’s lovely post about having an online tarot reading, the idea stuck with me.

I haven’t got the time at the moment to search Glasgow for a tarot reader (so if anyone knows anyone, hit me up!) and it seemed like a perfect online solution. Following Rhianna’s suggestion from her post, I went with an online mini tarot reading from Kerry.

I am the queen of misery at the times (quite the title) and I could lament on behalf of Britain if need be. But after a bumpy September, Kerry’s beautiful online PDF landed in my inbox filled with autumnal colours, beautiful pictures and mostly importantly: words. I’m quite ready to go with the flow this October after having a read of my reading and this month I’m determined to be more positive. I thought I’d share six ways to do so, if you like me, lament over everything and struggle with nights getting longer/days getting darker/life stressing you out.

My problem is getting locked in on things, a bit like a deer in headlights. I’ll see one picture or one comment on social media from 2/3 years ago and won’t be able to stop focussing on it all day. Moving on is not something I excel at, I swear one of my legs is still in 2014. I so bloody want to be a positive person and to just go with the flow, but I never have been. I’m pessimistic and I can’t help picking up all my flaws laying them out the table in front of me to dissect over for hours. Surprisingly, I never feel better about myself after doing this for the hundredth time. I know just because my tarot reading said moving on is possible that it won’t happen overnight. But I’m all about little things taking effect and making a change.

make a fresh start.

It is finally time to put to bed whatever is bothering you (erm, where do I start on my list) and just make a fresh start. Make a clean break, make new plans, form new ideas. Just do something new. Be big and bold about it. Don’t hold back on account of anything and finally take the leap you’ve been wanting to do for ages. I know this all sounds very wishy washy but it’ll give you something new to focus on and less head space for whatever has been bothering you.

be secure.

In everything. Very vague I know but having somewhere secure/secure relationships with good people will do you the world of good when the road gets bumpy and you want to try and stay positive. People you can always chat and turn to when you need a little talking to or who can just laugh with so you forget about everything else for a little while. A safe space that is your sanctuary to escape to is also important. A room that is yours, a chair that is yours, a blanket and pillow combo that rock your world. Somewhere to let your mind escape and wander from when the going gets tough.

aim big.

I’ve heard the rumour that dreams can come true so never stop wishing upon stars about yours. Even if it is just a pipe dream, make small and encouraging steps every day to create the change you want. Nothing is too big, some things just take more time than others. By focusing your efforts on what you are after, you’ll have something to keep working towards when bad things happen. Whenever I get sad about everything else, my blog is the one little piece that keeps me ticking because nobody can take it away from me. I keep playing around with it no matter how small it is compared to the rest of the online world. I keep aiming, keep trying, keep whiling away. So keep aiming big.

My card spread was super interesting: it implied a mix of emotions and has helped me to focus in on what I want. To keep up with my blog even when it isn’t easy. To work hard at university so I get the grades I want. To practice yoga, to read more and to be more creative in my spare time.

I pulled the Knight of Cups which appears in your life when you need to follow your heart. It is cheesy af but whenever I’ve been wavering recently, it’s helped me to stay true to myself and what I want. Having that presence is helping me to stay on track and that is something doesn’t work out, I should still keep at it and try again. Yay positivity!

Obviously, this is in inspired by my own tarot reading, the cards I pulled and what they mean in relation to me but everything is relative. Just because my cards say I’m going to have a good month doesn’t mean you can’t either. This post has been a massive ramble and I’m still not sure what the point I’m trying to put across.

To be concise, let’s all be more positive in October and follow these three vague ass tips I’ve given. Now I’m off to watch some True Blood and laugh out loud at it, seriously? How is it so bad? How did it air for so long? Does it get better? And go get your tarot cards read asap.