travel notes | ibiza off-season.

I’ve just returned from a week of sunning myself in Ibiza with my little sister and surprise, surprise, we didn’t kill one another. There was a lot of bickering but no major blow ups and I had a really lovely time on the island.

Ibiza has never been my first choice of holiday destination but when I was looking for somewhere cheap to take my sister a few months ago I couldn’t ignore the £20-ish flights to this Balearic island. A decent enough looking hotel was then found on for a very reasonable price (breakfast included!) and it was settled – to Ibiza we were going and off-season too. The flight time is only 3 hours from Edinburgh airport so it doesn’t feel too far away when trying to find some sunshine.

To me, Ibiza instantly envisions lads on tour and cheap drinks pouring out of your eye sockets whilst someone stumbles in front of you vomiting on the street. 24 hours a day. And I believe from May until late October, it is very much this scenario. Ibiza in early April however is a different story.

It is a lot more chilled and relaxed. There is a lot less open (no super clubs thank the lord) but it has more of a lazy Spanish town feeling than notorious party island. We stayed in the Playasol Marco Polo I in San Antonio and it was lovely. I was a bit nervous as it had been very cheap on but was so pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful bright and light hotel only four stories high with a lovely pool area enclosed at the back. Our room was on the first floor and was very clean and light with a balcony overlooking the pool.

We had a very relaxing week which included lazing by the pool all day and watching things on Netflix on our iPads on an evening. I did have grand intentions of us visiting Ibiza Town for the day but this got interrupted by sunbathing and reading. We spent most of our time going for little walks around San Antonio Bay – walking along the sea front, through the windy streets and past the closed clubs.

I also ate a lot of chips and pizza. And drank a lot of Diet Coke. And I got a new tattoo!

I had grand plans of writing a ‘travel guide’ to Ibiza but seeing as I sat on my arse for most of the week I thought I’d do a kind of travel notes instead with some recommendations on where to eat, drink & people watch!

travel notes.

Rita’s Cantina | We first stumbled past this adorable Spanish bistro/café on our first evening in San Antonio and it looked lovely from first sight. It was packed with locals and tourists alike which always gives me a good feeling about the place and had a large and cheap menu. We stopped by a couple of times on our visit – once in the evening for beers and dinner and at lunchtime for cold drinks and crepes. It was always busy when we walked past, the staff are friendly and has a very Spanish atmosphere. A real buzz to the place!

The Red Café | This café is located in the middle of San Antonio and boasts a large and varied menu. The staff here were so friendly, the food was delicious and it was the perfect spot to people watch the crowds bustling around! I had the loveliest nachos at The Red Cafe and a gorgeous chocolate brownie dessert on our last evening.

Natural Pau | A little more off the beaten San Antonio track, away from the beach, is this treat. Natural Pau is an Instagrammer’s dream thanks to its leafy outdoor interior with gorgeous tiled tables and gorgeous food. We struggled a little more with the language barrier here as neither of us speak Spanish but it was still a really peaceful spot with amazing food.

Ibiza was the peaceful week I needed in the sun. The first three months of the year have been stressful thanks to third year and it was lovely to just switch off. I picked up an embroidered sweatshirt with flared sleeves from a little boutique store and picked up on tourist tatt like a postcard and woven bracelet. I ate a lot of chips and pizza. I even got a little bit of tan.

Off season is a lot quieter than normal and I wouldn’t recommend visiting the island at this time if that is your intention – to party! However if you want a few relaxing days in the sun with plenty of good food spots nearby and a lot of gorgeous scenery that isn’t too far away from home, Ibiza is a treat.