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Due to some bizarre reason, I seem to think I have a lot more money than I actually do and that it is absolutely ok for me to gallivant around having food out when I should be at home both saving my pennies and writing my essay.

And it is difficult to eat healthy when out. I keep getting tempted by things.

But as it’s the week of my birthday, I have a bigger treat yo’self attitude than usual and when Emma and I decided to go for brunch somewhere on Monday, I didn’t let anything stop me from choosing the place with the most sugar on the menu.

We decided on TriBeCa in Glasgow’s West End as it is a NYC inspired diner and was awash with food dedicated to the Big Apple. Monday was shockingly cold and I thought it would be a good idea to wear a newish pair of silver Mary Jane’s from New Look and well, it wasn’t a good idea.

My feet were already killing me when I met Emma after the ten minute walk along to TriBeCa from my flat and luckily, we managed to snag the left free table in the place, it was packed! Every plate of food which went past looked delicious and there was about ten or fifteen things I could have chosen off the menu.

We both went for waffles and maple syrup and then I had a topping of strawberries and bananas and Emma had strawberries and nutella. We didn’t have to wait too long for our food, it was quite busy but service was still very quick and attentive. The portions are very generous and the food was as delicious as it looked!

I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for brunch that is a little bit more special than your average. It’s very fairly priced and has such an upbeat atmosphere! It didn’t take us long to eat the yummy food and afterwards we trotted off in search of a nice wall to take a couple of snaps in front of.

When I got home, my shoes had rubbed some nice big blisters into my heels which were seeping which was a great start to my week.

TriBeCa can be found at in the west end of Glasgow, the south side of Glasgow and in Edinburgh and you can visit them on Instagram here.

I’ll definitely be back to visit soon!

Also this is probably the least flattering outfit on me, possibly ever? Well maybe not ever but it is pretty darn comfy. I think it’s just because the jeans are loose and top doesn’t nip in at my smallest part so it makes me look like a block? Yeh? No?


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