the ultimate list of true crime podcasts.

Don’t even get me started on true crime podcasts (are you ready for 1000+ words about them?) as I am pretty damn obsessed. I will talk about them with anyone. Wind them into every conversation I’m having. Get confused when people don’t know who a certain serial killer, or as Last Podcast On The Left call them ‘a heavy hitter’.

Because funnily enough mate, not everyone is that interested in the craziness and the cruel as you are.

But thankfully there is a whole host of fellow Murderinos out there who feel the same and a few of my friends are just as obsessed with the true crime world as I am so we swap recommendations and discuss our favourite episodes.

However, when I run out of episodes to listen to from my favourite tried and tested shows, I am let down by the internet and their recommendations for the best true crime podcasts lurking on wherever you listen to your podcast. Some of them are goddam awful and others just don’t fit with me right so I’m compiling my own list of all the true crime podcasts you need to be listening to.

Scroll on down, plug in your earphones but for god sakes, not whilst walking home in the dark alone as a woman because stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

Case Per Episode

Casefile | No matter how many podcasts I listen to, Casefile will always be one of my favourites. I love the matter of fact approach of the ‘Anonymous Host’ and the in-depth narrative of each episode. They tend to do one case per episode, with some of bigger cases being spread over a few episodes due to the scale of information required. It is Australian based so features American, European and a lot of Australian cases I had never heard of.

RedHanded | Another one of my ultimate favourites is RedHanded, hosted by two women Suruthi and Hannah in the UK, covering a lot of national and international true crime cases. The girls have such great chemistry and make excellent co-hosts as they intertwine conversation with the facts. I eagerly await new episodes which tend to come out weekly.

My Favourite Murder | One of the big hitters in the true crime podcasting world, My Favourite Murder is another I’m obsessed with. Home of the Murderinos, MFM is hosted by Californian girls Karen and Georgia as they share their favourite murders in each episode. Their conversation is hilarious and you honestly feel like you are sitting in with your friends. And they coined the iconic phrase stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

Last Podcast On The Left | This podcast is definitely within my top five true crime podcasts as I always look forward to new releases. They do a lot of creepy things in general as well as their true crime episodes so there is a real mix of content. I love the three hosts Ben, Marcus and Henry whom are long-time friends so they have real chemistry and such great chat. Their episodes tend to be stretched across multiple episodes as there is so much information mixed in with stellar conversation.

They Walk Among Us | This UK based podcast focuses on true crime podcasts in the UK which is a refreshing change from the US-heavy true crime podcast scene. I hadn’t heard of the majority of the cases covered in this podcast despite being Scottish and living here my whole life. The delivery style is similar to Casefile but the episodes tend to be a lot shorter than the other podcasts I listen to which make it great for shorter tasks and journeys.

All Killa No Filla | I am obsessed with All Killa No Filla and its amazing hosts Kiri and Rachel. I stumbled across it in someone’s mentions on Twitter and have never looked back or cursed my online scrolling again when it brings me discoveries like this. It joins two Manchester based comedians as they discuss a different serial killer per episode. I love their in-depth discussions mixed in with their humour, conversation and Rachel’s admiration of Liam Gallagher.

And That’s Why We Drink | Another more recent discovery is Californian based podcast from Em and Christine. The two hosts share why they drink each week, with one spooky story from Em and a true crime tale from Christine. I’m not too fussed about the supernatural side (but I know a lot of people are) but I love the true crime so it makes the perfect mix.

Case Per Series

Atlanta Monster | I started listening to Atlanta Monster after I asked for true crime podcast recommendations on Instagram. I had never heard of the Atlanta Monster case before so it was extremely interesting to listen to it knowing nothing and I really enjoyed the first few episodes which cover the initial case itself. It is hosted by Payne Lindsey and as the series progresses it concentrates on the discrepancies, theories and criticisms surrounding the case.

Zodiac | From the same creators of Atlanta Monster, they have a second season of investigative journalism podcasting, focusing on the Zodiac Killer. New episodes are being released weekly on Wednesdays and I am so obsessed. The Zodiac Killer fascinates everyone and it is so interesting to be taken step by step through the case by Payne.

Someone Knows Something | Another Instagram recommendation, I heard of Someone Knows Something but had never got around to listening to. The first series follows the disappearance of Adrien McNaughton, the second the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard, the third revisits the death of two teenagers in Mississippi, season four was the murder of Wayne Greavette and the fifth season is focussing on the rape and murder of Kerrie Ann Brown.

I really like the host David Rigden and his approach to the cold cases focuses on the notion that someone knows something, which is a query he brings up frequently during his investigations and interviews.

In The Dark | Out of all the case per series podcasts I’ve listened to, In The Dark is my favourite. I love the host Madeleine Baran as she is so engaging and the case in the first season is so tragic. I like that it is a solved case as it means I don’t spend my time pondering what happened to the victim for days after listening but it still mixes together the investigation with the facts really well. I haven’t yet listened to the second season but I will be soon.

Over My Dead Body | A very new podcast that I have listened to the first two episodes and have adored. When my fave Casefile released a trailer for the Wondery’s series Over My Dead Body  hosted by Matthew Shaer I decided to give it a listen seeing as it was recommend by them. I’ve so far listened to two episodes and about to embark on the third and thoroughly enjoying it so far as the host Matthew uncovers the marriage of two lawyers, Dan and Wendi.

Enjoy listening to all my favourite podcasts! If you’re still stuck, other true crime podcasts I have heard good things about but I’m yet to listen to myself include Crime Junkie, Serial Killers, In Sight and The Doorstep Murder.

Photos of me by Claire White.