3 true crime podcasts for those that find fact scarier than fiction.

2018 has really been the year of podcasts for me and with that, the year of true crime podcasts. True crime is incredibly fascinating and I love listening to a podcast whilst working away on my laptop or walking around my city running errands. Some of them are a little scary and I was definitely freaked after listening to five episodes all about the East Area Rapist but it is very eye-opening to learn about such horrific crimes.

True crime podcasts require a huge amount of research to do the cases justice and I like a mix of no-thrills delivery that is all about the facts to a chatty discussion of theories and more light-hearted commentary. I am continuously finding new true crime podcasts but I thought I’d share my three ~ ride or die ~ favourites where I’ve listened to nearly every single episode for any other lovers of true crime podcasts out there.


I can rave about Casefile in all its glory until the cows come home. It is 100% my favourite. I’ve listened to nearly every single episode bar one or two and every time I see a new episode has been uploaded I get very excited. It is an Australian podcast hosted by an ‘Anonymous Host’ that my flatmate introduced me to and it covers a whole host of gruesome crimes in the most in-depth manner. I love the thorough research approach to this podcast and the delivery which is almost like a lecture.

As an Australian podcast it covers a lot of Australian crimes that were unknown to me before listening to it but in the later seasons it also covers a lot of US and UK cases, including super famous ones such as the Moors Murders. Casefile is without a doubt my favourite true crime podcast (perhaps my favourite podcast ever!) and I get ridiculously excited whenever I see a new episode has been released on a Saturday.

they walk among us.

I found They Walk Among Us through Erica’s Instagram Stories when she asked for true crime recommendations and she shared what she was recommended. It is similar in style and delivery to Casefile although the episodes are shorter and a little less in-depth. One aspect of They Walk Among Us that I really enjoy is that it focuses only British crime so I’ve learnt a lot about cases I’d never heard of but have happened in recent years in this country.


This is the most recent true crime podcast I’ve started listening to and I love it. I love the chatty nature between Hannah and Suruthi as they have such great chemistry together as hosts and I feel like you are sitting listening to your friends chat. I wasn’t really swayed by chatty commentaries on gruesome crimes before but Hannah and Suruthi have that perfect balance of information and commentary.

They have built up such a community surrounding RedHanded and I love how they explore possible theories in each episode if it is unsolved. They cover a mix of cases from all over the world and don’t limit themselves just to crime by discussing mysteries and suspicious events as well.

True crime podcasts are something I am always on the hunt for so please leave me your favourites in the comments or let me know on social media.

My next ones to listen to are Criminal and Sword & Scale which I’m hoping are quite similar to my beloved Casefile. Probably going to listen to an episode of Goal Digger now to remind me there is light in the world. And if you still want more true crime podcast recommendations, read about the 7 Gillian recommends.