turning 19.

I didn’t really want to turn 19, it seems like a bit of a dull age where nothing exciting will happen. Plus you are a still a teenager, but are you really? I was however v v v excited for my birthday (like I am every single year) and man, I was not disappointed.

My friend did say to my however that her 19th year was a good un (she is like two weeks away from being 20 so I feel she is qualified to comment) so HM maybe mine will be too.

We ended up going out to the night before to the Beer Bar/Hive so I woke up on my birthday at about eight thirty (so much for the luxurious IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY no guilt lie in) with skin so dry I could have been mistaken for a piece of sandpaper and with a mouth tasting like something had died in it.


After gulping down some water and checking I still had ID/student ID/bank card and keys, I unwrapped my presents from my parents and friend Emma and opened a couple of cards that arrived in the post in front of my flatmate. She was in a similar state to me but that didn’t stop me pestering her for twenty minutes.

On my birthday there was a theme: Sex and the City and food. Tori and I watched about eight episodes of SATC, including the finale where Big finds Carrie in Paris. V romantic and sweet. I also had pancakes (raspberries and chocolate chip), a cupcake which a friend brought and then we went to the Bar Gumbo at night.

Basically, Bar Gumbo is <3 <3 <3. I wanted to do a full post on Bar Gumbo but I got a bit carried away and forgot to take pictures so I didn’t really have enough to talk about in a full post. But, basically, it is amazing. I had a Perfect Storm cocktail which tasted like ginger beer but 2884 times nicer. It is perhaps the nicest cocktail I’ve ever had. The food was really good too: I had a shrimp Po’ Boy and shared a side of macaroni cheese with Ali and it was delicious. Tori had the veggie jambalaya which I tasted (obvs) and it was really really really yummy. If I visit there again, which I’m sure I will, I’ll be having jambalaya.

For dessert Ali and I shared a pecan pie and Rachel had a deep fried cheesecake which was a strange concoction. Both tasted really yummy though and were only £4 each. Bar Gumbo was so well priced and the atmosphere was lovely: chatty, upbeat and joyful. The service was great, our waiter was lovely and really made the whole dinner a lot nicer.

So yeah the food is super sexy and the atmosphere is super duper nice. You can find Bar Gumbo 71-77 Byres Road so check it out if you find yourself with a spare evening to kill in the west end or check out their Instagram here.

I was so lucky this year with gifts (thank you friends and family <3) and got some lovely things including a Harry Potter mug, the Heroes of Olympus books by Rick Riordan and some cacti candles. My three flatmates (and substitute family) made me the most lovely and thoughtful present – a scrapbook filled with lots and lots of pictures from the last year and a half. So many emotions and much love <3

The following day, after a well deserved 12 hours or something snooze where we missed the one gym class I commit to a week, I got invited along to the cinema with Ali, her mum and her sister. It was so lovely of them to let me tag along (lovely people!) and we went to see Hidden Figures which is a film I’ve been coveting since I watched the trailer.

Basically it was a sensational film and I cried at the end and it just really resonated with me. I think it is a very poignant film to be circulating at the moment, especially with the current political situation in the USA. Ali’s lil sister Tori also got me a desk organiser which was v lovely of her and I have since filled it with washi tape, highlighters and a zillion paperclips.

But yeah, that was my bday: filled with food, Carrie Bradshaw and looking at my scrapbook 374 times.