university year two.

I thought I would be more sad about university being over for a second year but in all honesty, I’m bloody relieved. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, my chest, everywhere and I can just breathe again. I can do things like read a book or blog or go to the shops without guilty that I should be revising. I can think about other things and have a few months to myself.

Moving out the flat is going to be sad, I’ll be really miss this flat. My window, my bed, my wardrobes. I’ll miss sitting on the windowsill and just watching the world go by with a cup of coffee or a can of diet coke. I’ll miss this area, I’ll miss Brunch coffees, avocado on toast from Meadow Road and browsing the Day Today for cheap wine and chocolate bars.

I’m really excited to move to a new area and see a bit more of Glasgow. I haven’t really spent much time in Woodlands so it’ll be fun to have new restaurants and coffee shops on my doorstep. It’ll be fun to live as a three and to be closer to uni and the city centre. Basically, I’m just a bit excited about everything at the moment. I now only have three/four weeks till I head to the USA but before I can’t wait to get home and spend a little bit of downtime there.

I’ve had a pretty good year in Glasgow. There have been highs and lows of course but I think it has been okay. I’ve felt settled and happy for most of the time and the bad days have been bearable, they come and go but I think I’m finally getting a handle on things and I think next academic year will be even better. I’m really looking forward to streamlining my degree, concentrating in on subjects more and engaging with things on a more intense level. I thought I’d just do a little list of all the things that have been ace this past academic year because it is important to be thankful for the little (and big) things.

The Flat 

I am going to miss this place. I’m going to miss my bedroom, the living room, my window, the cupboard space (!!), the area, the walk to uni. It has really felt like home and I have spent a lot of time here in the last nine months, mostly spent watching Friends from the living room sofas or blogging from my bedroom floor. It is cosy and homely and I feel really lucky to have felt so at home in this student flat. I am very excited about moving to Woodlands and it’ll be fun to live as a 3 but I will miss you Dumbarton Road <3.

Daft Friday

I attended the Glasgow University Union annual Christmas ball/party this year and it was such a good night. It is a long one (12 hours is the goal) but I only lasted 10 and a half as it got to 6.30am, they weren’t selling alcohol anymore and it had gotten a bit cold. I really hope to go again next year as it was really fun to dress up and have a big celebration before Christmas. I wore a really comfortable midnight blue velvet dress from TK Maxx which finished just above the ankles with heels and the best part? I didn’t need to wear a bra. My shoes killed my feet obviously and my bag wasn’t the biggest but it was a really fun night with lots of people.

New Lanark Trip

I got the opportunity to visit New Lanark World Heritage Park for the day with my blog and it was a really fun way to spend a Sunday. Ali and I got the train from Glasgow, spent a few hours wandering around the museums of the mills, the schoolhouse and the shop, had a picnic and had a little wander up a path leading to a waterfall. It was nice to get out of the city and see a bit of the countryside and it was even more lovely that I got to go through my blog.

Engineering Ball 

I managed to tag along to the engineering ball with my good friends and yes I was sick in the toilet at about 11pm. I have been working on my class I promise. It was a really fun night, the music and the dancing was so much fun! I spent way too much money on drinks (of course I did) but I got to wear a beautiful 1920s style dress that I have had lurking around my wardrobe since last summer. My shoes didn’t kill my feet, and guys, guys, it was a masquerade. I got to wear a mask. That in itself was very exciting. I picked up a black metal mask from an Etsy store and I felt as if I should definitely be in Venice or something.

My 19th Birthday

I had a really nice 19th birthday and being 19 isn’t as horrible as I believed it would be. It was a pretty chill day, had pancakes for breakfast and then went for dinner at one of my favourite Glasgow places, Bar Gumbo. I had the tastiest shrimp po’boy and pecan pie for dessert and had a really nice time with my friends. I was also very very lucky this year and received lots of lovely gifts from family and friends.

I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of two amazing cafes in this area of Glasgow, Meadow Road on Dumbarton Road and For Fika Sake on Keith Street. Both have really chilled out atmospheres, plugs (!!), coffee and delicious food. I recommend cinnamon buns from Fika and any form of avocado on toast from Meadow Road. Oh, and if you are ever in this neck of the woods, go to the Riverside Museum of Transport. Hands down the best museum I have visited in years. So many cool snippets of Glasgow’s transport history, the walk-through street from 100 years ago is amazing – I loved the little bit of the subway. And all the trains. I really like trains so it was so cool to see the big models and read about them up close.

I thought I would have more favourites from the last year but in all honesty, my memory has escaped me and I can’t really remember anything from the last academic year. Obviously I went to Prague and Spain in the last eight months or so but I chatted about those in the my end of 2016 post. This semester has definitely amped up the workload but I got a really good grade in a presentation and an essay which were definitely highs. It feels strange to be leaving Glasgow for such a long period of time and at the moment I’m elbow deep in boxes, clothes in piles and dishes but it has been the best year and I’m very excited for third year.