what i’ve been thrifting; depop.

I browse Depop like Instagram. I can spend hours on it, flicking through different people’s profiles and looking at clothes I might like to buy. The people on Depop can be a bit annoying, especially when someone messages you asking to buy something you have priced at £8 for £3 or if you like something of theirs and they bombard you with messages asking if you’d want to buy it. 

But if you can see past all the hassle Depop can be a great way to find affordable items and save on fast fashion. Some of my friends have picked up nice coats and dresses and I myself have had a couple of nice buys. I definitely prefer thrifting offline in charity shops but Depop and eBay are great places for people who don’t have the time to go in-store. 

black/white/purple/floral midi dress. 

I did really like the idea of this dress and it was the first thing I purchased on Depop for £8. It was a size  M and I thought it would be good for work. 

verdict: This dress has now since been sold on eBay. As much as I liked the look of it, it was too tight on the arms, hung funny on my body and I wore it once on holiday but the material was not kind in the heat. 

details: originally from M&S / £8

pink/floral bardot dress. 

When my friend listed a load of her clothes on Depop I dived in for a look and picked out some things, asking her to hold them for me. This gorgeous summer dress from Urban Outfitters was one of them and I am so pleased I bought it off her for £6. I do feel a little insecure about having so much of my body on show but my friend assures me it looks nice. It is also something I would have never picked up in store as I’d worry too much about how much it looked. 

verdict: Whilst I still fret when I first put it on due to not wearing a bra and having my shoulders all out, I loved wearing this dress in Las Vegas. I never got a chance to wear it in Glasgow over the summer but I love the print and how floaty and comfortable it is. Definitely one to pack away for next summer. 

details: originally from Urban Outfitters / £6

black scallop edge skirt. 

The second thing I bought from my friend was black mini skirt from Topshop that I got for £4. I’m hoping to get a lot of wear out of this in the winter as I think it’ll be perfect for work with thick black tights and my boots. It is something I would have never picked up in Topshop myself probably due to cost but £4 it is a real bargain. 

verdict: I really love the look of this skirt and it is such good quality, especially for wearing to work. However I’ve only had the chance to wear it once and it is just that little bit too big for me now so I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do with it. I have listed it on my Depop – I’m kirstymonday on there if anyone wants to have a wee look. 

details: originally from Topshop / £4

black heeled ankle boots. 

I have owned a pair of faux suede low heeled ankle boots since 2014. They were from Dorothy Perkins, I wore them religiously due to the comfy heel height and they’ve seen me through high school, university and now work. However, they had always hurt the sole of my heel due to a weird design flaw of a slightly raised section there were the heel was connected to the sole. After years of suffering (and blisters) I finally chucked them this February and promised myself a new pair for my poor, battered feet.

Anyway! I found a pair of what I think are maybe real leather but not 100% sure, on Depop for £12. The heel height looked perfect, they were basically the same as the DP ones and the material would be a lot more water resistant and durable.

verdict: I was a bit worried they’d be a wreck as they did look worn in the photos but I’m genuinely so pleased with them. They look ‘worn’ – the same as Doc Martens or other leather boots and I think they have maybe been resoled at some point as well. I can’t believe how similar the style is to the DP ones and they are just as comfortable, more so thanks to the lack of painful heel. I actually can’t believe my luck with these boots – I absolutely adore them. 

details: originally from Topshop / £12 plus £3.25 postage 

rust borg jacket. 

Borg jackets have been really popular for the last couple of years but I was always a bit apprehensive to own one as I worried it would make me seem bigger than I am. However thanks to Two Birds I’m feeling a lot better about myself recently. It has also been so cold in Glasgow this autumn and my current coat collection was lacking a super cosy one. I found this rust coloured borg jacket on Depop for £10 and decided to purchase. 

verdict: I love this coat. It is so cosy and exactly what I wanted. I love the colour which is something I would have gravitated towards in store if buying new but then would have probably ended up just going with black. I love the oversized slouchy fit of it and can’t wait to wear it throughout the winter. 

details: originally from New Look / £10 including postage

grey jumper. 

I’m cold pretty much 90% of the time at the moment but am lacking decent jumpers in my wardrobe. I got rid of a couple after last winter as I didn’t reach for them once but this year I’ve been clinging to my navy, cream, black and leopard print ones so I decided to root out another neutral. A late night Depop scroll saw me stumble across a grey one for £5 which included postage! 

verdict: When I first brought it out the packaging, I was a bit worried it would be itchy. It is definitely not as soft as my other ones but with a t-shirt underneath it is fine and it is super cosy. It is a bit more oversized that I was expecting but I think sizing is something I’m still coming to terms with now that I’m actually dressing for my body. For a fiver it was a steal as it looks brand new. 

details: originally from M&S / £5 including postage 

green jumper. 

I bought this jumper as a reward for passing an exam in my masters and it was an absolute steal for £7 including postage. I was needing jumpers I a) actually liked and b) thinner so I could do more layering as the weather fluctuates so often. 

verdict: I love this jumper and have worn it so much. It is a bit more oversized than I expected but I love the cropped length and usually roll the sleeves up which I think looks quite cool. It is so comfortable and because it is quite light for a jumper, I can easily layer with turtle necks and other tops during the colder months. 

details: originally from ASOS / £7 including postage

faux leather skirt. 

During one late night Saturday Depop scroll I decided to look for a faux leather skirt. I had one a few years ago but the zip broke and I never got around to replacing it in my wardrobe despite wearing the other one to death. Depop is filled with faux leather skirts so I soon found what I was looking form in the form of a New Look one with zip detailing. 

verdict: I love this skirt and have worn it so much already. It fits me comfortably and is great condition so I feel really smug at not spending £20+ on a brand new skirt. I think I’ll get lots of wear out in the summer as well as though it is a mini skirt, its not unrealistically short. 

details: originally from New Look / £5 plus £3 postage 

barbour wax jacket. 

This wasn’t a Depop purchase but it does fall under the category of buying online and not really being able to return, unlike thrifting in a store when you can decide you want to purchase something after seeing the item. Now that I am a member of the Facebook group that is also known as Glasgow’s best kept secret – Brilliant Bartering (Glasgow) – thanks to enlightenment from my friend Bekah. I have the notifications turned on as I’ve already missed a gorgeous lamp up for grabs, and during one of my late night scrolls, I saw a post where a woman was offering to barter one of three jackets in return for a cosy winter coat. 

I had the perfect thing – a duck down padded Crew Clothing jacket with a detachable faux firm trimmed hood that I had worn all of four times. There were a lot of comments on the post when I saw it and out of the three jackets the woman was bartering, the hooded wax Barbour coat my eye. It was waterproof and had a hood – what more could I want? Thinking it was unlikely the woman would respond to my comment considering the interest in her post, I left my comment offering the Crew jacket and moved on with my life. However luck was on my side as she replied asking for a picture and soon we had agreed to barter our jackets that weekend! I won’t lie, the adrenaline rush was real. Cat and I headed to Shawlands one Sunday morning to swap the jackets and had brunch at Cafe Strange Brew afterwards – all good thrifting is accompanied by food. 

verdict: The jacket is perfect. I was worried it would be a bit small as it is a size 12 however it fits me really well and I am so pleased it came with a hood as well. I would never buy a Barbour for myself full price and I was chuffed to get something good back in exchange for the barely worn Crew Clothing jacket. 

details: originally from Barbour / swapped for a Crew Clothing jacket 

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