what i’ve been thrifting; part 1.

I’ve always loved charity shops; especially for finding books. I remember being in my hometown and being in the Cancer Research store when I managed to buy two out of the three Philip Pullman His Dark Materials’ books for about £1.50. I was mesmerised by being able to find two books for such a small cost and that is pretty much where my charity shop love got off the ground. 

Being in Glasgow has given me a much wider reach when it comes to thrifting and shopping in charity shops. Byres Road has several nice stores on it filled with all kinds of treasures and I recently (I say recently, it was like in June) went to the south side for the first time with Bekah to see the charity shops of Shawlands where I got some brilliant bargains. I can’t wait to go back and will hopefully being do so soon. 

I haven’t always been first to rush into a charity shop to shop for new clothes but in the last 6 months or so I’ve been trying to be more conscious and careful around fast fashion. I am not perfect by any means – my graduation dress I bought in TK Maxx and I’m still trying to talk myself out of buying ASOS premier because I love ordering from them so much. But slowly and surely, I’m making changes. And thrifting in charity shops and buying secondhand off Depop and eBay is one way I’m trying to achieve this. 

I love flicking through the rails looking for something that catches my eye, observing labels, marvelling at bargains. I love how you can find things that are no longer in stores but that you still love. Or pick up basics like striped tees, jumpers, jeans because everyone has bought them and then donated them at some point. To be honest, it is kind of a thrill and I love popping into Shelter when I’m heading to the post office on Great Western Road or stoping for a browse in Cancer Research on the way home from work if I’m out of the office in time to pop in. 

A few of the people I follow online share their thrifting treasures or speak about the importance of buying secondhand (I’ll point you in the direction of Emma, Pinja, Iwan and Kate for all the thrifting inspiration you’ll require) and I wanted to share a few of the pieces I’ve picked up recently in Glasgow. 

mustard yellow tie front top.

Yellow was a huge trend colour for SS19 so I was thrilled to find this Primark top in Cancer Research with its tags still on. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up in store as I would be unsure if I’d wear the tie-front style in case I felt too self conscious but seeing as it was about £1.79 I decided to buy it and try it out – I can always sell it on myself or donate back to a charity shop if I never wore it. It is a really soft material and feels good quality for Primark plus the colour is very vibrant.

verdict: I got loads of wear out of this during the summer, styling it with blue jeans, black jeans and my black denim skirt. I was a bit self conscious the first couple of times as I felt quite exposed but now it is usually one of the first things I reach for as it is both comfy and flattering. 

details: Cancer Research / new with original tags / originally from Primark / £1.79

black/white polka dot ruffled shoulders top. 

I saw Lindsey wearing a gorgeous polka dot top in a very similar style to this at the St Enoch summer press event in May and decided to head to Zara as soon as possible to pick one up for myself. I popped in to Shelter the following day for a browse after running errands on Byres Road and saw this extremely similar style from ASOS for £4. It felt like fate.

verdict: I’m still not 100% sold on this. I don’t think the neckline is crazy flattering on me but I have worn it a few times a work. Polka dots continue to be a massive trend going in AW19 and I saw a really similar top in H&M a week or so ago so I think I’ll hold onto it for now. 

details: Shelter / originally from ASOS / £3.60 (I got 15% student discount off original price)

red/white striped slogan tee.

Another find from Shelter Great Western Road, I got it for £3 something with the student discount. It is originally from H&M and fits me perfectly whilst if I’d bought it in H&M I would have been inclined to go up a size because their sizes stress me out so much. In the charity shop, it was so affordable I decided to take the plunge and buy it – donating it back or selling it on if I didn’t fit me. I love how the slogan on this top is stitched on as well, it makes it feel and look much more expensive than H&M. 

verdict: I have gotten so much wear out of this tee during the summer and I am excited to keep wearing it. I’ve been styling it with jeans, dungarees, my denim skirt and my mustard skirt. The quality has really impressed me and the size is perfect. 

details: Shelter / originally from H&M / £3 something with 15% student discount 

blue mom jeans.

I have been hunting for blue mom jeans that actually fit me for the longest time. I really struggle with jeans and after my Topshop Jamie jeans split last year I’ve just been avoiding the issue of buying a new pair from somewhere. I recently bought a pair of straight leg jeans from TU at Sainsbury’s and chopped the bottoms of them to make ankle grazers so when I found a pair of mom jeans in Shelter on Pollockshields Road for £2.50 I was thrilled.

verdict: These have been my favourite jeans all summer and I’m so sad they’re starting to be a little bit big for me. They are incredibly comfortable and thanks to being short in length rather than regular, I only need to turn the bottoms up slightly rather than chop them off. They are becoming really worn but still perfect and I just wish they weren’t becoming slightly too big. 

details: Shelter / originally from Tu at Sainsbury’s / £2.50 

black/floral summer dress. 

One thing I try to keep in mind when thrifting is how I can adjust an item if I don’t love it in its current state. I bought this Fat Face dress in Shelter (GWR) but felt the length was too long and I wouldn’t get the wear out of it. I bought some hemming tape and brought the hem up above the knees and have worn it several times – I just wish the weather was better so I could wear it all the time. It probably cost about £5/6. 

verdict: I have worn this a few times throughout the summer and whilst I do like the print, the style just doesn’t suit me. I’m still not happy with the length and it is just that little bit too small across the bust so I think I’ll be taking the hem back down and passing it on to the charity shop. 

details: Shelter / originally from Fat Face / £5/6 with 15% student discount

I’m selling this dress on Depop btw if anyone wants to buy it – I’m @kirstymonday on there.


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