what i’ve been thrifting; part 2.

If you caught my first thrifting post, you’ll see I had been dipping my toe into charity shops this summer. Well, after coming back from the US absolutely broke combined with enjoying clothes again for the first time in a long time thanks to my fitness journey with Two Birds, thrifting has provided the answer to my incessant need for new clothes. 

I have been scouring the charity shops: the few near me on Great Western Road, the ones on Byres Road and the ones in Paisley when I’m there for uni. I have found so many great finds in September, so many I’m putting myself on a wee spending ban for October, and I wanted to share them as god, I just bloody love thrifting. I’m so sad I didn’t do any in San Francisco

navy/grey t-shirt.

I have recently been perusing the charity shops near me and found an old M&S t-shirt for £3 in Barnados. I love the two-tone colouring and I haven’t owned a navy t-shirt in years. I

verdict: I’ve worn it with both black and denim jeans so far and I think it’ll look cute with my black denim mini skirt in the warmer months as well. [later update! it does, i wore it during the september weekend of an indian summer we had out for lunch and i looked great if i do say so myself.]

details: Barnardos / originally from M&S / £3

red/pink striped top.

I used to have similar top in white/navy from Jack Wills that I recently passed on to someone else as I felt it was too tight around my neck and arms so when I saw this Monki version in Barnardos for £2 it felt like fate. 

verdict: I’m yet to wear it as waiting for it to be a little colder but I think it’ll look good with jeans and dungarees. 

details: Barnardos / originally from Monki / £2

white/black boxy patterned top.

I barely have any work appropriate clothing and seeing as in a year’s time I will have to leave education and have a ~ real job ~ I picked up the £2 Zara top from British Red Cross. It has an oversized boxy fit and looks great with my new black trousers. 

verdict: I’ve worn this a couple of times to work so far and I love it. It is super comfortable and looks really chic but unfortunately, it is getting a bit chilly for it now so I think I’ll be keeping it in the wardrobe until next spring. 

details: British Red Cross / originally from Zara / £2

black trousers.

Whilst in Paisley for my student ID I popped into the charity shops on the High Street on my way back to the station. There are five or six well-stocked charity shops on Paisley’s high street and I have a feeling I’ll be popping in and out a lot during my postgrad at UWS. I found a pair of Monsoon black trousers for £3 and they are perfect for work and more formal occasions. They fit so well and I’m so chuffed with them for the tiny price tag. 

verdict: I am obsessed with these trousers and have been wearing them to work pretty much every day since I bought them. They fit me so well and are so well made and comfortable. I just wish I had the same pair but longer in the leg so I could wear them all through winter. 

details: British Heart Foundation / originally from Monsoon / £3

black turtle neck. 

In Kelso’s charity shops with my mum, I found a Warehouse black turtle neck for £4. I went all of last winter without owning a black turtle neck after I had to chuck my Primark one due to the numerous holes so I’m thrilled to have such a good quality one that fits so well. 

verdict: God I love this. It fits so well and is really well made. I’ve worn it a couple of times already with midi skirts but I just know it’ll see me all through winter and I can’t wait to be really cosy in it. 

details: Borders Pet Rescue / originally from Warehouse / £4

green/navy checked shirt. 

I used to own a green/navy man’s checked shirt from Burton but passed it on a couple of years ago as it was too small for the oversized look I wanted. Whilst browsing Barnardos with fellow charity shop fiend Bekah I found a much larger one that is 100% cotton from F&F for £4. It is so comfy and is exactly the style I was looking for. 

verdict: I love how oversized and soft this is. I’ve only worn it a couple of times casually but will hopefully get a bit more wear out of it in the winter. 

details: Barnardos / originally from F&F at Tesco / £4

navy t-shirt dress. 

I’ve wanted to pick up a casual t-shirt dress all summer after seeing my friends wear them but resisted buying new. Again with Bekah in Barnardos, I found a slightly faded but still in great condition navy t-shirt dress from Next for £3. It is a little on the short side but will be fine with tights in winter and I’m hoping by next bare-leg season I’ll have lost a little more weight so it’ll be a bit looser. 

verdict: I’ve only worn this once so far and I’m not that taken with it. The material is quite thick for a t-shirt dress and the colouring of it makes it awkward with black tights. I’m holding onto it until next summer however as I think it is more of a lighter piece. Hopefully it just isn’t too short to wear with no tights!

details: Barnardos / originally from Next / £3

green slogan cropped tee. 

Green is my favourite colour but I barely own anything green. Whilst in Shelter with Bekah I saw this ‘happiness’ slogan cropped tee, originally from River Island, and was really drawn to it despite it being quite basic. It read £4 which is a little pricey for what it is but it was in really good condition and of course, green, so I decided to buy it. The bonus? It was in fact only £1 at the till! 

verdict: I’ve worn this once already with my polka dot dungarees and I love the pop of colour it brings to my often black outfits. I’m also really surprised by the good quality of it, not what I would have expected for River Island. 

details: Shelter / originally from River Island / £1

black wrap dress. 

I own two other little black dresses, one from Mango which is a summer dress I wear to death, and the other is a black velvet dress from Sainsbury’s which I’ve termed my funeral dress. Yet to be worn to a funeral however. Whilst browsing Barnardos on GWR (one of my favourites at the moment) I saw a French Connection wrap dress for £5 in a size 10. I was bit apprehensive at the sizing (haven’t been in anything smaller than a 12 since I was about 13) but it looked like it could fit so I bought it.

verdict: I love it. Now I just need something to wear it too … 

details: Barnardos / originally from French Connection / £5

leopard print top. 

I have never jumped onto the leopard print trend despite wanting to and seeing it littered all over my Instagram. I have one jumper from New Look which doesn’t get worn as much as I’d like and a midi wrap skirt from New Look which is red leopard print and worn to death. Whilst browsing Shelter on GWR (another fave) I saw a long-sleeved leopard print top from LK Bennett. It was £5.50 but I liked the print and it seemed a better option than the jumper from Topshop I also spied in this shop as it was similar to the jumper I already own. 

verdict: It was great for work as it looked so cute with black trousers. I’ve also worn it casually with black denim skirts and black jeans. It did, however, develop a couple of large holes due to button on the inside of my jeans when it was tucked in combined with the very thin material so I’ve ended up cutting the bottom off it and making it into a crop top. I’m yet to wear it in its new form but I love crop tops so I’m sure I’ll have it on soon.

details: Shelter / originally from LK Bennett / £5.50 but I got 15% student discount 

leopard print lace cami.

One of my style icons, Erica Davies, often styles a lace cami with a turtle neck in winter and I’ve always wanted to try it. However I struggle with finding a cami that isn’t extraordinarily tight around my boobs but this one is more loose and really I could do with sewing the straps tighter as they aren’t adjustable. 

verdict: This is a little too big for me but with a top underneath, it looks really cute. I wore it to see The Snuts with a white long-sleeved crop underneath and I’ve also tried it on with my white cropped Lady Lumps tee underneath. I also think it’ll look nice under a roll neck when it gets chillier. 

details: Shelter / unknown: labels cut out / £3 but I got 15% student discount 

navy/white striped tee. 

One of my final September browses. I was in Shelter on GWR just for a look and saw a navy/white striped tee with a red neckline. It was so simple and I definitely didn’t need it but for £3 I couldn’t ignore. It was when I got it home it was in fact a kids size large which makes sense considering it is pretty tiny for an adult large. I think charity shops are great for finding timeless tees and they’re always amongst the cheapest items. 

verdict: Another item I’m yet to wear but will go wonderfully with all my favourite things in the warmer months. I didn’t actually realise it was a kids top but it fits fine. 

details: Shelter / Gap Kids / £3

adidas three stripe long-sleeved top. 

I’ve always really liked Adidas clothing but just couldn’t part with the money. Whilst browsing Shelter in Paisley in what is my last charity shop sweep until November (today is the last day of September btw as I’m writing this) I found an olive green version in a size 12 for £3.25. I wasn’t sure if it would fit me as if I’d been buying new I would have sized up because that is literally what I always do but once I got it home, I tried it on and it is the perfect fit. It felt like such a treat to finish thrifting on whilst I go on my no-clothes ban for October. 

verdict: I love this. It is not something I’d have bought new as I wouldn’t want to pay full price but the quality is amazing and it’s barely been worn. I also would have been tempted to pick up a larger size if I’d been buying new but in reality a size 12 fits me perfectly. 

details: Shelter / Adidas / £3.25 

It is safe to say I am a woman obsessed with thrifting now and can’t wait to keep scouring the charity shops throughout the winter. I usually wear a thrifted item every day now and sometimes fully thrifted outfits, especially to work, and it is something I really enjoy doing. I am trying to curb my personal spending on the run up to 2020 with Christmas and all the celebrating but I’m hoping next year will be full of thrifted bargains!

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