what’s in my bag | uni edition.

These posts are one of my faves. I’ve seen them popping around recently, I really enjoyed Jenny’s YouTube vid version (there was also a cameo from a dachshund, I love dachshunds) and Lis’ one featuring the cutest stationary. One super sunny March afternoon after submitting my classics essay (all my coursework for this semester has been submitted yaaaas, now just actual exams to go), I emptied out my uni bag and TAH DAH, the contents.

I just thought I’d share because I fancied it and tbh this is a tidy bag and purse situation, I usually have loads of train tickets and subway tickets scuttling about the bottom of here to. But I must have cleaned it out recently because none, repeat, NONE.


Okay so this is a very battered rucksack from ASOS. I’ve had it for about a year (after another one of my previous ones broke) and I love it. I can’t exactly pin point why, maybe it’s the delicious silver colour or the fact it is quite petite but still fits a lot in but it is a delight. I use it all the time, for uni obvs but also general life-living. The only problem is that now I’ve started carting my laptop around with me most days, it is a little snug when I try to put lots of other things in it. Sad times.


These bag charms were super big in like 2014 and I didn’t jump on board because I was still in high school and more interested in where I was going to be getting my Cactus Jack’s from for the party at the weekend #wild. But at Christmastime when I was tootling around New Look, I got a bit overwhelmed at the check out and panic bought one. It hasn’t come off my bag since and makes finding the zip so much easier, like I cannot express how much of a game-changer this simple chap has been.


I never used to take my laptop to uni with me just because it was a bit unpredictable and then had a giant crack in the screen which made transportation a little nerve-wracking. But since having my Macbook which is now another limb, I’ve been taking it a lot more. Mainly because I never print out the seminar work sheet so it is good to have with me in seminars, or if I intend to go work in the library between classes, or if I’m too lazy to write in lectures and want to type instead. Whilst in lectures I do often find myself on Twitter, it is a lot easier to catch up if I can have the powerpoint on my screen as well which means I take so many notes.


I don’t have that many contact hours a week but this day is a Friday so I have a single class. Yes, a single class. Busy gal and all that. I do have other uni shizz I need to do like write that freaking essay I have banged on about so I’m heading to the libs next to check in another book and sashay to a seat and stare mournfully a wall for three hours. This lil notebook is a cutie from the October Papergang box and I use it for Classics stuff such as seminar prep, essay planning and sometimes, lecture notes. V excite.


Pretty self-explanatory. I have four because I’m a bit OTT and I don’t use two of them ever. One is for excess uni work and the other is full of school work from S4/S5 which I look at sometimes look at for the lolz. The others I use for blogging and actual uni work whilst the lanyard is from Paperchase but it was a Christmas present from my sister.


I’ve been using a paper diary since about 2014, I prefer it so much to typing things into my phone. This was in the November Papergang box and whilst it perhaps isn’t a style I would have picked out by myself, I do really like it. I like the way it is laid out and it is really good quality. I mainly just put appointments in here (yeh, like I have many of those) but I mean, more things I’m going to or when library books are due rather than “do  the dishes” and “put away washing”.


I started a bullet journal in July of last year but only recently got super obsessed with it again the beginning of 2017. I now use it religiously every day and have even shared a couple of posts on my blog about how I use it (here and here) and I am planning on doing another one soon! My bullet journal now comes everywhere as it has to-do lists, appointments, my reading list, my habit tracker, my finances tracker, you name it, it’s in here! I’ve been using this gorgeous hardback notebook from Paperchase which was a gift I received on my 18th birthday from a friend and I am very almost finished it, just one more page to go! I’ve linked my bullet-journal-in-waiting below, a thinner paperback notebook from December’s Papergang!


These were a gift from my parent’s for my birthday this year and I don’t think I’ve ever been as emotionally attached to a set of pens as I have been to these. They have changed my bullet journal. I use them nearly everyday to pen down things in the old bullet journal and I love how they write, they way they make my handwriting look, the colour and organisation they bring to my bullet journal. I know Stabilo pens can be a bit pricey for what they are (a set of colouring pens) but they are so worth it.


Sometimes I only take a couple of pens and a highlighter but if I’m in uni all day and have lots of different types of work to do (read: discreetly write blog posts in the lib and make as many trips to the cafe for cookies as poss without people noticing me), I like to have a full pencil case to fully dedicate to the day. It is usually filled with crap but it is a good-sized pencil case and it’s pink so that is fun.


I used to have this beautiful tan leather purse from Accessorize but it died recently. The card holders all fell apart and I couldn’t find another one of the same size which did the job. I’ve instead started using this coin purse from Primark which is big enough to fit in my card holder from Oliver Bonas. I usually carry my driving license, debit card, student ID, rail card and an array of loyalty cards. Also I am v aware that my face looks like a floating moon in my driving licence picture.


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